Take Note:

All BANS are PERMANENT until appealed on forums.


Respect EVERY player.

Have patience towards new players to HL2RP & don't discourage them from playing or role-playing (This is a relaxed game-mode & community)

No Fail Role Play

Respect all Staff & Staff decisions (Staff has the final word on any kind of situation, if you feel that an injust action has been taken, refrain from arguing and please contact the Server Leadership, Admins or Super-Admins, you may also use our Staff Report Section on the Forum.)

Absolutely NO Bullying

NO dirty or disrespectful language (e.g words such as: Fuck you, I don't give a shit)

No Trying to tell Staff what to do or how to run the sever.

No propflying

No Bugging staff to accept applications or to whitelist you. (This will result in automatic REJECTION). You may contact Staff on our Discord #help channel or in-game if you were accepted into a faction.

Do not STALL IC gameplay situations (Arguing OOC or other stuff, Follow the PVP rules and the general RP rules, contact staff ONLY if it is REALLY needed. Stalling situations where you know that you should not be there or it is obvious that you CANNOT WIN, will be punished.)


No Meta-gaming.

Non-Serious, disruptive, or inappropriate behaviour will be put an end to quickly. (Our moderation rules are very strict, please be always serious in-game)

No Power-gaming.

Allow other players the time to respond to role-play actions and do not rush over them.

Do not try using "Weapons" that your character doesn’t actually have in-character.

Do not Avoid role-play situations and Do not Stall role-play situations.

Do not Try to cancel "/me" when RP isn't going the way you want it. (Any action has consequences)

Do not spam. (This includes voice commands)

Do not expose exploitation's or bugs. (Report them to a Staff Member)

NO cheating of any kind.

You cannot have a connection between any of your current characters (e.g Items, & information that your character shouldn't know)

Absolutely NO OOC Racism of any kind (This will result in a Automatic Ban)

Voiding a role-play situation just because you want to.

NO Erotic role-play! (ERP)


ALWAYS Stay in-character and ALWAYS be serious.

When talking IC, please try you best attempt to spell correctly & the use correct grammar. (Any misspell's please correct quickly in .//LOCC)

Your characters must be flawed and adhere to realistic limitations.

Your character must not be obviously unserious.(e.g Trying to run around saying your "Gordon Freeman's long lost brother!")

Your character’s description must be realistic & consistent to the HL2 Universe.


If your character is amputated in the Nexus, they will be permakilled.

If your character is targeted specifically with IC motive, and killed through proper roleplay, they will be permakilled.

Muggings are an exception besides request. A documentation should be enforced to carry through with said PK.

If your character commits suicide, they will be permakilled. - If a permakill is thought to be unjust, it may be argued. However, there will need to be a compromise should a permakill be lifted.

A permakill may be requested by the owner of the character at any time. If both parties cannot agree whether a death is permakill worthy, refrain from arguing and contact Staff Members.

Should a character willingly throw themselves into an unreasonable amount of danger that would surely kill them with the knowledge beforehand, a PK will be administered. Note that it should be obvious for all parties involved that death was the most likely scenario.


To "Mug" a Citizen there MUST be at least Two Civil Protection units on-duty. To "Mug" a CP there MUST be at least Three Civil Protection units on-duty. (RCT's are not counted)

Rebel Roleplay: While playing as a rebel or as a group of anti-citizens you should keep those rules in mind

No rebel attacks what so ever on zone 1 / nexus area without admin approval. (Any shootcop or s2k not properly roleplayed is Punished with Permanent BAN) Big rebel operations should require at minimum 5 CPS and one higher ranking unit (OfC+) so that the socio status could be changed / deployed. RCT Ranked Metropolice Officers are not counted towards the 3 Civil Protection Units rule as they are useless when it comes to gunfights.


To "Loot" somebody's items or gear that they have on them, you must first be able to capture them and tie them up with zipties in a ROLEPLAY-SCENARIO. You are NOT ABLE to "Loot" a dead player's items. You are NOT ABLE to "Loot" or "Break" any private player's locker or container.


Playing Systems that our sever uses: P2L (Play to Lose) Fear RP & Pain RP

Play to Loose: (This means that you can't go around expecting to win the game, instead enjoy the RP, & let the RP come to you) ALL ACTIONS must be RP'ed & Realistic: To do this type "/me" then type your action you wish to RP (e.g /me Throws bottle at Combine Officer) After the "/me" is done, you can throw the bottle. ( Another RP e.g Unholstering a weapon)< Fear Role-play: is in effect before, during, & after any role-play situations, & will not end until your character is FAR away from the role-play situation & in safety. Pain Role-play: is in effect & must be ROLE-PLAYED seriously. (This means if you get shot in the leg with a shotgun point blank, your not going to be walking for a while) you MUST role-play your wounds until its fully healed, & you cannot heal serious wounds without the proper Medical training. This means you MUST see either a Medical Unit, Doctor, or a trained Medic

S2K (Shoot to Kill) System Explanation:

If you & your target or "targets" are engaging in a firefight & get within point blank range with your target, you then MUST make an attacking role-play action (e.g /me "Quickly unholsters his weapon, aiming at the target, pulling the trigger & firing with the intention to kill") before opening fire. After you do this, you can then S2K your target without waiting for a reaction or roll.

Remember that before engaging in combat, you must perform an action that clearly describes your characters intentions (using a /me). Remember that Both Parties Must agree for a full S2K Scenario

S2K A Running Target: S2K is also allowed for a situation like for example, with a Citizen Running away from Civil Protection during an arrest. (e.g James: "Runs away" CCA:UNION.i5.ROLLER-4: "Raises his 9mm pistol aiming at the Citizen running, pulling the trigger & firing with intention to kill") You are also not required to "/roll" or wait for a reaction here.

Killed During S2K Situation/Role-play Scenario: If you are killed during a role-play scenario, or during a firefight you MUST Avoid/Void that area as best you can & you can not tell people who killed you. Any information learned 10 minutes before you died is now forgotten. Finally, you MUST pretend that your previous character that was just killed was someone else. No matter what you CANNOT go back to receive your weapons or items after being killed. Just move on, & either work for them, or craft them again.


Defence System Explanation:

For physical altercations such as fist fighting for example, after you've done "/me" if your target doesn't respond to your attack attempt with a defence "/me" action (e.g /me Puts hands over head to defend himself from on coming attack) you can knock them out without even rolling.

BUT, if your target responds with a "/me" defence & maybe a counter-attack action (e.g Puts hands over head defending himself as well preparing for a counter-attack). You then both need to roll, if the attacker wins the roll, he gets to hit his victim ONCE. Next, the victim would then do a "/me" attack action (e.g James swings his crowbar with all his strength aiming for the attacker's head with the intent to knock him out). Once again you then both roll, & If the victim who just now rolled higher than his attacker, the attacker would lose & then get knocked out. If the attacker rolled higher than the victim, he then deflects the attack, & gets to do another "/me" action attack attempt.

Taking Cover Defence System Explanation:

Instead of taking a hit during a altercation/oncoming attack or firefight you could try to role-play taking cover. (e.g /me tries to fall back and find cover) you must then "/roll" if your roll is higher than the other players, then congrats you succeeded in taking cover! If the other player's roll is higher than yours then unfortunately you failed to take cover. BUT, if your in cover & you wish to make another attack attempt, you MUST RP getting out of cover & then engage your target followed by another roll attempt "/roll" (e.g /me steps away from the pillar he was taking cover behind & lunges at officer swinging with all his strength aiming for the officers head attempting to knock out the officer). Finally, If you want to get back into cover again you must ROLE-PLAY "/me" & ROLL "/roll" to see if you fail or succeed getting back into cover.

Healing during combat:

During combat, you may ONLY use a single health item. To do this, you must be in cover, not actively shooting, & you MUST role-play consuming the HP item (e.g /me attempts to wrap bandage around gunshot wound on leg to stop the bleeding" followed with a "/roll" after to see if it succeeds or fails. (In non combat situations you don't have to roll after role-playing your healing action or "actions")